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Name: Sowmya

Age: 36

Location: India, Karnataka, Bangalore


Name: Geeta Mamgain


Location: India, Haryana, Ambala


Name: Deepika

Age: 30

Location: India, Karnataka, Bangalore


Name: Abhishek Tripathy

Age: 26

Location: India, Orissa, Ganjam


Name: Raman Mishra

Age: 33

Location: India, Delhi, Delhi


Name: Pankaj Shukla

Age: 34

Location: India, Delhi, Delhi

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Under the Indian caste system, a Brahmin is considered one of the highest caste.The Brahmin people are a prominent community spread across the whole of India and some of them are settled in various place of the world especially in U.S.A., UK, Canada & Gulf Countries.

Brahmin marriage rituals vary in North & south Indian context. In the recent days as there is not enough time available to perform all the rituals, so the marriages in Brahmin community do happen in much shorter version. Though the rituals and customs differ in each marriage, the marriage function itself signifies the lifelong commitment to companionship.  This article writen based on a typical Tamil(south Indian) Brahmin marriage, celebrated in the Vedic style, where importance is given to the traditions and rituals which have been passed on over centuries.The wedding itself used to last over 5 days in olden times, but these days, the rituals are packed into the time available, and most marriages are held over one or two days.

Marriages in brahmin communities are predominantly arranged by the parents. Horoscope plays a vital role in deciding the compatibility of the bride and groom – which indicate the planetary positions at the time of their birth, and are said to predict their character itself. Brahmin community is one of the first communities to start using the online brahmin matrimony websites like Shaadi.com, Arathy.com, Bharatmatrimony in selecting the right matches. In the recent days online brahmin marriage bureaus also play a positive role among Brahmin community to reach out to their potential life partners across india and beyond.


The marriage ceremony include vradham, Janavasam, Kasi Yatra, Malai mathal and Oonjal Kanya Dhanam(Giving away the bride), Mangalsutra, Griha Pravesham, Nalangu etc.

Visit the following web page to know more details about Brahmin wedding ceremonies. http://arathymatrimony.blogspot.com/2011/07/how-marriages-happen-brahmin-community.html

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